There are a lot of things you can use your garage for besides simply parking cars. Some use their garage as an office space. Others go as far as converting it into another room. And with the rise of COVID-19 and gyms being temporarily closed, more people than ever are looking to turn their garages into gyms.

Simply stated, garages are versatile spaces. Even if you primarily use them for parking your car, they can still serve other needs from time to time. One popular option, particularly in the warmer months, is to use your garage as a party space.

Whether it’s a grad party, a cookout, a neighborhood gathering, or something else, garages offer a great space for parties without having to have a bunch of people inside your actual home.

Before you throw open the garage door and start inviting people in, however, there are a few things you should do…

Keeping it Clean

If you’re going to use your garage for events, you’ll want to make sure to keep it clean and organized. This will save you from having to do a massive clean-up/reorganization right before hosting an event. Instead, all you have to do is maybe backout a vehicle or two and setup some chairs and tables.

With a little strategic organization, as well as regular cleaning, you can keep your garage looking proper all of the time. Also, don’t use your garage to store random boxes and possessions that you probably don’t need or use. Instead, just throw the stuff away.

Maintain Safety

If people, especially children, are going to be gathering in your garage, it’s important to consider garage safety. Cleaning your garage goes a long way in making it safer, but that’s not all you should. After all, garages tend to be filled with strong chemicals, sharp tools, heavy objects, and more.

Make sure to keep things properly stored and sealed. Potentially dangerous tools should be hung at a safe height. Toolboxes should be sealed and locked. Also make sure to have a fire extinguisher in place.

Finish the Floor

A plain cement floor may be fine for a normal garage, but if you’re planning on having people over, you want to upgrade it a little bit. Putting some stain and/or epoxy coating on your garage floor can do wonders for boosting the overall appearance.

Additionally, a protective coating can help combat stains, hide blemishes, and make things much easier to clean. If you’re in need of epoxy flooring in Ohio, our sister company Select Flooring Systems will gladly help with that.

Climate Control

A little ventilation and insulation can go a long way in a garage. With the garage door open and some fans running, that can keep it plenty cool for most spring and summer occasions. If you’re looking to congregate in the colder months, however, you’ll likely want to install some heating equipment.

Having heat in your garage makes it much more versatile through the fall and winter. This can also allow you to keep a fridge in your garage. Generally, fridges shouldn’t be stored in places that drop below 50 degrees.

Of course, before you have any sort of heating or cooling put in your garage, you should make sure it’s properly sealed and insulated. For garages, insulation doesn’t just stop with the walls and roof. You should also invest in insulated garage doors. After all, garage doors practically serve as an entire wall of any given garage.

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